Expert Witness Reports

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PPO - Periodical Payment Reports

Expert Financial Planning

“The Court shall have regard to CPR rule 41.7 and include – the nature of any financial advice received by the Claimant when considering the form of award”

A PPO is an alternative to the lump sum only settlement method, whereby part of the award is provided in regular payments as opposed to a traditional lump sum. PFE can provide you with a ‘full report’ or a less detailed ‘assessment of settlement report’

Expert Financial Planning
Expert Financial Services

Trust For Minors (TFM) Report

Expert Financial Services

A Trust for Minors Report involves the creation of a Trust for Minors report and a trust held in the name of the minor, providing a better interest rate and enabling the money to be moved out of court. Without a TFM the money would need to be held in the Court of Protection or Court Fund Office which has poor interest and investment opportunities. A TFM has the potential to allow the claimant to access a higher return on their money.

Cashflow Analysis

Financial Management Expert

Cashflow analysis takes a detailed forecast look at a Client’s financial life going forward, factoring in income, expenditure and expected life events.

Financial Management Expert

Financial Accomodations Calculations Report

This is a set of calculations that identify any additional costs the claimant will incur to ensure any current or future property caters to specialist care needs as a result of the index event and is based on the claimant’s life expectancy.

Loss of Income

Pension Loss

Pension Loss Reports and Calculations

Pension Loss

Pension Loss puts the Claimant in the position that they would have been at the point of retirement onwards, if it weren’t for the index event.

Loss of Earnings Reports & Calculations

Loss of Earnings

Loss of Earnings often forms a significant part of the overall claim value (quantum), greatly influencing how much settlement a Claimant will receive. With over 30 years’ experience dealing with complex promotional prospects in earnings and having handled a wide range of career paths and sectors previously, we are able to guide you to an accurate and reasonable assessment of a person’s loss.

Loss of Earnings
Loss of Dependency

Loss of dependency Reports & Calculations

Loss of Dependency

Loss of Dependency calculations help the Claimant to understand post-death earnings and pensions that they may be reasonably assumed to be reliant upon had the fatality not occurred. This ensures dependents receive what they should have been entitled. We provide a detailed approach and methodology for this service and reports can often be extremely complex and involve multiple time periods

Lost Years Reports & Calculations

Lost Years

Lost Years ensures any financial loss from a person’s reduced life expectancy is accounted for, to help the Claimant receive what they will likely miss out on

Lost Years

Pensions On Divorce


POD reports help to unravel the significant complexities involved when separating assests fairly. More often now we are appointed as a Single Joint Expert.

Advice & Support Services

Personal Injury Trusts (PIT)

A Personal Injury Trust helps protect means-tested benefits and offers additional protection to the damages awarded to the recipient that can make them invaluable in ensuring that funds last throughout life.

We charge £600 plus VAT for Advice and set up of a personal injury trust. This includes setting up the trust bank account and giving some basic financial guidance on how to hold the money you have received.

Please read out FAQ and Useful information Documents relating to Personal Injury Trusts for more information on how they work.

Watch this video to learn more about Personal Injury Trusts

Welfare Benefits

We can help you with a welfare benefit review to establish if the Claimant may be entitled to additional benefits that they don’t currently receive and provide support throughout.

We charge £250 plus VAT for a full benefits review, we are also able to provide ongoing support with benefits applications and appeals with time charged at an hourly rate.

Trust For Minors (TFM)

The purpose of a Trust for a Minor is to help those under 18 years to avoid losses and unnecessary risks using the Court Funds Office to maximise their investment potential. A TFM protects minors from potential financial abuse and also gives them the option to convert their TFM into a PIT once they reach adulthood.

What our clients say

  • “Jane was Amazing! I am due to get my first benefits payment shortly. Completing the forms with Jane’s help was much better than trying to do alone as she is so on the ball and just made the whole process much easier and less stressful”


    Paladin Client

  • “We instructed Jeremy to provide expert evidence about the proper level of commission for introductions to be made to a financial adviser or pension fund as part of a multi-party fraud claim in the High Court of England and Wales. Jeremy was enthusiastic and passionate from the outset: from the initial conversation he started undertaking research, checking information and coming up with ideas about the best way to demonstrate and present his evidence. ”


    Testimonial from Partner at a London firm

  • “I would not hesitate to recommend Stephen as an expert witness, in particular advising on the form of the award in multi-million pound claims. Stephen recently assisted on the day of a Joint Settlement Meeting, being on the phone and at the end of emails to provide a steer on the choice between a lump sum and a Periodical Payments Order in a multi-million pound claim. He also helped with cashflow modelling on lump sum awards. The work he did to help my client with the choice between the form of the award and to help me and Counsel advise on settlement offers was absolutely invaluable.”


    Testimonial from Partner Personal Injury

  • “Stephen is an excellent expert. His advice is clear and demonstrates his knowledge and experience. Stephen is an excellent communicator and has a detailed understanding of the litigation process. Most importantly, Stephen is excellent with clients. I would have no hesitation in recommending Stephen for any clinical negligence claim.”


    Testimonial from partner at a large law firm

  • “lan has been extremely helpful at providing a comprehensive report on a PPO at extremely short notice. He was very approachable and my client immediately felt comfortable with his advice. He made himself available for us at very short notice to advise on investments during the course of a joint settlement meeting. He is extremely competent and efficient. I would highly recommend his services.”

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